Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I don’t mean to make light of the terrible storm that is covering one-third of the United States right now. I’ve been watching the Weather Channel for hours. Jim Cantori is braving the blizzard in Chicago and other various weather-type gals are talking about the blizzard that is covering nine states. There are reports on many of the car accidents and people are being stranded along roadways. There is video coverage of people trying to cross the streets while walking over an icy sidewalk and then slipping and falling. This all in addition to the sleet and freezing rain coming down in Lafayette, Indiana.

Living in snow country, I know what it’s like being in a blizzard for days and dealing with snow that just won’t stop. But I’m used to it because I live in a ski town. It might not get as cold in my California mountain town as it does on the plains of North Dakota but winter can be a pain in the ass no matter where you live.

Those poor people in Chicago. Ohio? Iowa? Nebraska? They have cold winters alright but this is a bit ridiculous…even for the Midwest in the middle of winter. I can only hope that a few of the people who live in the Midwest are trying to make the best of a drastic situation.

I can think of a group of people right now in the Midwest who are probably happy to have a bit of a cold spell. You do the math. There are millions and millions of us Baby-Boomers scattered around the United States. One-Third of them are now under one of the worst and coldest winters they’ve seen in a long time. If you do the math, theN you will realize that millions of women ages 45-60 are having hot flashes right now or will have one an hour or two from now.

From where I’m sitting, I’m thinking that that’s a lot of heat coming from the Midwest.

Speaking from experience, when I’m going through one of my “Hotflash Hannah” moments in the winter, the first place I go to is the deck. Our deck faces west. The wind and snow come in from the west. All it takes is about 30 seconds and I’m a “Happy Hotflash Hannah” because the cool-off from the blowing wind and snow is almost immediate.

No sweaty moments. No drenched clothes. No fanning as fast as the wings of a bumble bee.

Just good old Mother Nature helping one more Baby-Boomer mother cool off.
So if you have a female friend or family member in the Midwest right now, tell them to try and become one with the storm. Because a hot flash during a Midwest winter storm is way better than a hot flash in the middle of a Midwest on a hot August day.

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